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This page will describe how Fark.Com has helped advance the Internet as a medium for seeking news and entertainment.


Fark.Com was created in 1999 by Drew Curtis (pictured above), of Kentucky, USA. Originally meant to be a home-built ISP (Internet Service Provider), the project took some time to put into motion.
His page now provides hundreds of free links every day to various news stories from around the world.
His stories cover all subjects, and are also tagged based on how ridiculous or serious the story is. Tags range from "News Flash" and "Sad" to "Silly", "Stupid", and "Florida", with several others in between.
Drew also offers a subscription service whereby a user can receive over five times the quantity of news, for a small monthly fee.

Below, Drew Curtis, owner of Fark.com, describes his book "It's Not News, It's Fark"

This gadget gives a good basic idea of what you would find on the Fark website.

Fark.Com has many friends in the online media, who are often equally entertaining and always publish interesting content. Among them are a few of my favourites: