Bonjour! Welcome to my personal page.

About Me

I am a 3rd-year student in International Management. Thanks to this program, I will be spending my entire third year at the management school in Reims, France.

My main hobbies are music (ranging from classical to progressive rock to jazz) and computers.
My musical tastes are diverse, but my training is almost purely classical. I play piano, acoustic guitar, and saxophone.
My (currently alive) idols on those instruments are Jordan Rudess, Don Ross, and Paul Desmond, respectively.

I can't wait for Detroit to win yet another Stanley Cup!

My heritage is more diverse than most. My mother is a full-blooded Italian, while on my dad's side, there is a mix of French-Canadian, Belgian, German, and African (yes, you read that correctly).
With this heritage comes the ability (read: necessity) to speak both English and French, with Italian a current work in progress.

Employer - CWGC

I currently work for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in Ottawa. With that page, I hope to inform all my readers of our mandate, and encourage those readers to
become involved in activities commemorating those who have served in the Canadian Forces in the past, and who are currently doing so.

Click this link to view my page on Fark.Com as a source of news and entertainment. Though this site is already one of the most widely read news sites on the internet, I hope that my entertainment-oriented perspective will encourage even more people to inform themselves of world events in one of the more fun ways to do so.

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Reflection on Web 2.0

The concept of Web 2.0, while fairly recent, is one that has reached a great number of people. It gives an opportunity to any and all internet users to share opinions, be part of an interactive community, and collaborate on projects, such as the wiki page you are currently viewing. Those who have the time and skill have even been able to create web-based programs that combine different capabilities into one convenient application, called a mashup.