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The Canadian Military is proud to defend Canada from global threats and natural disasters. It is a total force of 65,000 active duty and 26,000 reserve soldiers. This includes the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The Army is the largest branch. The Canadian Forces were founded in 1968 after separating from the Royal Military and establishing a unified command structure, based in Ottawa. The Canadian Forces are the 55th largest in the world by standing numbers. This is a very small number, though it is in proportion to the small size of the Canadian population. The annual budget is $19 billion and has been on the rise as spending on new weapons and machinery increases with the operations in Afghanistan. I will focus on the Army as I am proudly serving in the Reserves as a Corporal in the trade of Resource Management.

The Army

The Canadian Army is small but proud. There are 19,500 full-time soldiers and 16,000 reserve soldiers in the Army. Army life is busy. There are many last minute demands. Often, the job follows the logic of "hurry up and wait!" which leaves many soldiers frustrated. There are many job opportunities in the Army ranging from office jobs to combat jobs. Many people join the Army to find out what they want to do in life.


The main combat weapons of the Army are the C7 Assault Rifle, C9 5.56mm Light Machine Gun, C6 General Purpose Machine Gun, 9mm Berretta, Karl Gustav Rocket Launcher, MP5 Submachine Gun, and the C13 Frag Grenade. I have had the opportunity to fire most of these weapons, they are very effective.


The Army operates a large fleet of tanks, support vehicles, trucks, and small equipment. The most notable pieces are the Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank, the LAVIII Armoured Personnel Carrier, and the Mamba Anti-Mine vehicle.
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