This will be my page dedicated to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, an honourable organization (and my current employer).
Hopefully you will enjoy learning about what we do to serve Canadians, and to pay tribute to all those Commonwealth soldiers who
fought in the two World Wars. The two links below provide information about the Commission in general, as well as that which is specific to our Agency here in Ottawa.

CWGC Main Page

CWGC Canadian Agency

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission works with contractors and cemeteries to ensure the maintenance of plots where Commission Headstones are placed. This includes, but is not limited to, the ordering of new headstones when damages occur to the previous stones, horticultural work on certain Commission-owned plots, and the regular inspection of all cemeteries in North America where Canadian war dead are buried.
It is also our duty to help Canadians and others find their relatives' place of commemoration where applicable, and to answer any inquiries about Commission services.

Commission Headstones in Normandy, France

Pictures like this one can be found here, though a donation is required for specific photo requests that are not already in the database.

The Commission maintains several databases of war dead, though only one of these is searchable by the public. It can be found from the above Main Page link. Here, one can find information on individual Commonwealth soldiers, as well as the cemeteries where they were buried. Our database shows these interesting, though somewhat obvious, figures:

Common Names
Number of known War dead

Because of the nature of our work, we work closely with Veterans' Affairs Canada in order to commemorate not only those who died in the war, but also those who served our country and died naturally many years later.

    If you are interested in learning more about today's Canadian Forces, please check out my partner Andrew's page on the Canadian Army.